About Nautic Capital

The value of value creation.

Nautic Capital invests in small and medium sized Dutch companies active in the nautical sector, as well as in real estate with a nautical link.

Our enthusiasm for the nautical sector defines the way we work. With an eye for sustainable development and a high degree of personal involvement, Nautic Capital helps companies innovate, grow and reinvent themselves.

How We Work

Our beliefs: Sustainability, Commitment, Results.

With its participations, acquisitions and investments, Nautic Capital focuses on the nautical sector in a broad sense. This includes nautical leisure companies, sustainable marina concepts, water logistics companies, nautical real estate and charging station companies for the nautical industry.

Nautic Capital builds on extensive knowledge and experience in the nautical industry. We passionately put this experience to work for the companies we invest in, to help them grow in a responsible, future-proof way.

We are a true strategic partner, looking beyond the financing and the possible return, but actively thinking about the business and the potential new opportunities of the company. Sustainability is one of our core values.

In short, Nautic Capital is an active, committed shareholder with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the nautical sector. This, in combination with the founders' finely meshed network at both the managerial and business level, makes us the investment partner for nautical companies.

Who we are

Nautic Capital is the investment company specialized in companies and real estate with a nautical link.